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Losing Erin

Erin Berg was a fun loving family woman whose world fell apart shortly after the birth of her fourth child.

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3.9/5 (29 ratings)

Losing Erin

Erin Berg was a happy, fun-loving, bohemian mother of four with a passion for her children, an organic lifestyle, Tom Cruise and The Foo Fighters.

But in the months after the birth of her last child her world started falling apart. Her relationship was over, she had to move house and she sank into a deep depression.

Erin was from a loving and close-knit family. Her three sisters are social workers and they all recognised the signs of post natal depression -- a condition suffered by almost one in six Australian women after giving birth.

They push for Erin to get help but she's not interested.
Instead, Erin is fixated on the ideas of Australian voluntary euthanasia campaigner Dr Philip Nitschke, who advocates the use of Nembutal (a veterinary drug banned to the public in many parts of the world but readily available over the counter in vet supply and pet stores in Tijuana) as a means for terminally-ill people to end their lives.

Losing Erin is the story of a woman watching her world slip through her fingers and a family struggling to keep their mother, sister and daughter from falling through the cracks of the mental health system. It takes you from her home near Fremantle in Western Australia to the streets, hospitals and drug wars of Tijuana, Mexico.

Producer/Reporter: Kirsti Melville, 360documentaries, Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Sound Engineer: Ian Manning

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