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Dogs and the City

A tale of puppy love: Ger Philpott with his three beautiful dogs - Frost, Thunder and Drizzle and his quest to have a litter of puppies.

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4.4/5 (42 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Ger Philpott

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Documentary maker: Nicoline Greer

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Dogs and the City

Ger Philpott lives with Frost, Thunder and Drizzle - three home-bred Weimaraner dogs, known as the ‘ghost dogs’ for their gorgeous sleek grey coats. Ger has always loved dogs and much of his life revolves around caring for his three dogs.

Recorded over a year, we follow Ger as he breeds his bitch Thunder and dog Frost in an attempt to have a litter of puppies. As Thunder gets pregnant, the anticipation of the patter of tiny paws increases. But as we discover, breeding dogs is not as straightforward as it might seem.

Weimaraners are beautiful dogs – they are athletic and naturally extremely inquisitive. As Ger says, they are “a life support machine for a nose”.

From the trips to the butcher’s shop and to the admiring tourists around town and the long night that Thunder goes into labour, we follow Ger’s life with his dogs

Produced by Ger Philpott.

Production supervision by Nicoline Greer.

Sound supervision by Richard McCullough.

First Broadcast December 14th 2013

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