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A Murder in the Neighbourhood

A shocking incident in a quiet Canadian town, as told by the neighbours who unwittingly found themselves caught in the middle of a domestic abuse incident.

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3.7/5 (81 ratings)

A Murder in the Neighbourhood

One day in a nice town on the shores of Lake Ontario in eastern Canada, a naked and frantic woman runs onto the street with her 11 month old son in her arms.

Her name was Gillian Hadley. She was running away from her estranged husband, Ralph Hadley. As neighbours ran to Gillian’s aid, her husband dragged her back inside the house.

In the moments that followed, neighbours approached the Hadley’s house – the door opened and Gillian tried to escape.

The neighbours tried to help – and a tug of war ensued. In the ensuing struggle at the door, the child was wrestled from Gillian’s arms and taken to safety, just before the door was slammed shut.

Moments later gunshots rang out – Ralph had first shot and killed his estranged wife – and then himself.

In ‘A Murder in the Neighbourhood’, we meet the neighbours who tried to help that day – and who unwittingly became involved in a domestic abuse incident they would live with them forever.
Produced by Karen Levine

Originally aired on CBC Radio 1 (Canada)

First broadcast on RTE Radio 1 on September 21st 2013

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