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Women of the Rising

Women of the Rising - personal recollections of one of Ireland's most significant historical events from members of Cumann na mBan and The Irish Citizen Army. First Broadcast 16th April 1963

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3.5/5 (18 ratings)

Women of the Rising

After the Easter Rising had taken place, what isn't a well known fact is that over 100 women were arrested for their part in the 1916 event.

This documentary takes a look at who these women were, and what role they played in such an historic event.

Part 1 - Personal Recollections of the 1916 rising by members of Cumann na mBan and the Irish Citizen Army.

Part 2 - Louise Gavan Duffy speaks of the role she played on the day.

Part 3 - Helena Moloney speaks of the role she played in the Citizen Army and of how she always wanted an active role in the 1916 event.

Part 4 - Margaret Skinnider talks about her role in the Irish Citizen Army and how she was wounded on Harcourt Street.

Presented by Donncha O Dulaing

First broadcast 16th April 1963

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