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Mike Fitz - Drifter

Driving sideways and rubbing the car up against the wall with Corkman, Mike Fitz.

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4.6/5 (8 ratings)

Mike Fitz - Drifter

"Drifting is an art." Mike Fitz says that in all seriousness.

'Drifting' is the 'art' of driving a car sideways.

Mike says what he does with his racing car is 'poetry'.

He says he can park better with a handbrake than conventional manoeuvering.

It sounds scary and looks chaotic but Mike explains that drifting racing cars is carefully controlled and scrupulously judged.

You have to aim for certain boxes on the course and on the walls around the course.

You're judged on your driving skill as well as flair.

What line you take on the course as well as how spectacularly you burn your tyres.

Mike Fitz was speaking with Denise Woods.

August 2013

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