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Kindness of Strangers

A woman walks up to you on the street and gives you a bunch of flowers - what's the catch?

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4.2/5 (13 ratings)

Kindness of Strangers

The London riots of the Summer of 2011 shocked many Londoners.

They were left saddened and despairing of life in their city but, in one woman's case, the riots had a motivating effect.

Bernadette Russell decided to take on a year-long project to counter the effects of the riots - '366 Days of Kindness'.

She didn't think she'd mange the whole year and she wondered about people's reaction but was happily surprised on both counts.

Follow Bernadette on Twitter: @BetteRussell or using the hashtag #366DaysOfKindness.

Producer: Kirsty McQuire

(This production was part of the Global Story Project, with support from the Open Society Foundations. Presented by PRX, the Public Radio Exchange.)

First Broadcast, 6 July, 2013

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