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For Ever

A story of co-parenting, of a parenting contract and a modern day family - Brian Kelly is from Cork, Phoenix, the mother of his child is Chinese - and their daughter, Ever Elizabeth Jade Kelly, is Australian

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3.9/5 (111 ratings)

Documentary maker: Liam O'Brien

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For Ever

Brian Kelly from Cullen in North Cork has always wanted to be a Dad. For most, becoming a father is something that is taken for granted -and that it will just happen some day. As Brian grew up he realised that becoming a Dad looked highly unlikely – Brian is gay.

Brian has settled in Sydney, Australia. On the eve of his 40th birthday, single and on a sailing trip with his family on the Great Barrier Reef, he slept the first night on the deck of the boat under the stars. As Brian lay there looking up at the ethereal night sky he recounted his life and his hopes for the future. He gave gratitude for his life and his fantastic family in Ireland. He asked the universe and the God of his understanding that if it was meant to be - he would like to become a Dad.

In the Aboriginal culture when you meet something or someone new you “sing” them into being. That night under the stars he “sang” his child to himself, and when he finished his prayer two shooting stars shot across the sky. He was filled with a deep sense of peace and comfort.

Beyond his wildest dreams, just over a year later on the 21st May 2012 at 4.46 pm in the afternoon at Westmeath Hospital, Sydney his daughter Ever was born into his hands. Brian's journey to and with this child has been and continues to be a deeply spiritual one for him.

This is the story about Brian's journey to and with Ever – this is for Ever.

Narrated by Kim Lenane.
Produced by Liam O'Brien.

First Broadcast Sat June 1st @ 2pm

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