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The Undiscovered Country

This is a documentary about travelling theatre, about a childhood trauma, about a place on the border, and about a 70-something man's search for his father.

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4.6/5 (33 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Colin Murphy

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Documentary maker: Chris Brookes

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The Undiscovered Country

Irish writer Shane Connaughton has been acclaimed on the London stage and in Hollywood (he was nominated for an Oscar for his script for My Left Foot) - but all his life he's been haunted by an event that took place sixty-odd years ago. That was the moment when his family moved home. Shane's father, a garda, had been moved to a new station, in Redhills, Co Cavan, and the family had to leave their home in the town of Kingscourt.

Now, Shane has written a play about Redhills and he's bringing it to play in the parish hall. Colin Murphy hits the road with him to find out just why the move was so traumatic, and discovers that the ghosts aren't just in Shane's past. This is a story about fathers and sons, about death, about travelling theatre, about childhood trauma, about the land, and about the last days of a rural Garda station.

Producer: Colin Murphy
Production Supervisor: Chris Brookes.

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