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Ramble In

A Kerry winter tradition is kept going in Glenflesk

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4.2/5 (12 ratings)

Ramble In

Like most places, Kerry had a tradition of 'rambling' houses or 'visiting' houses.

This was where neighbours would gather in one house on winter evenings for story-telling, card-playing, singing and music.

In the village of Glenflesk, the 'rambling house' is open twice a year and is in St. Agatha's Community Hall.

The hall is filled with antiques, some 300-years old. An old-fashioned fireplace has been put in.

There's a spotlight for those who don't mind being seen doing their song or story and a roving microphone, in the dark recesses, for those who do.

The programme is loose. There are bawdy stories, maudlin songs and lively dance tunes.

Then a raffle, cup of tea, bit of a chat and back to the songs and stories.

Muireann Ní Loingsigh visited the rambling house for The Curious Ear in October 2012 and March 2013.

April 2013

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