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Mill Creek Blues

An Irishman fishes for childhood memories in an American river.

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4.4/5 (11 ratings)

Mill Creek Blues

Maurice Brennan has always wanted to visit America.

As a child he loved Mark Twain, the playful 'Tom Sawyer' and the darker, 'Huckleberry Finn'.

On his first visit to the US, Maurice headed to the Mark Twain Forest Park, Missouri.

There, he spent a day fly-fishing on Mill Creek, a small river in the Mississippi system.

His guide was Sam Potter, a man who set out to enjoy the day despite the fact that the fish were ignoring or spitting out his flies.

The day was perfect and precious because, since Maurice visited in 2011, he's found out that the river is gone.

Drought has killed it and it will take 20 or 30 years for it to return to the fishing river he got to enjoy.

Sam philosophises that when you stand in a river, you become part of it.

In this case, the river became part of Maurice and his childhood fantasies too.


"Walkin' Man" and "Youth" by Seasick Steve

"The Three of Us" by Ben Harper

April 2013

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