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Waiting At The Railings II

Before Christmas there was the excitment of them coming home - but in January, its all about the parents left behind - waving goodbye to their emigrant children. Producer: Ronan Kelly

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4.0/5 (42 ratings)

Waiting At The Railings II

The pre-Christmas welcomes for emigrants at Irish airports are well-covered.

Post-Christmas, it's quieter. The parents who crowded the railings in late December are on their own in early January.

After they hug their adult children and wave until they've disappeared through security, the parents return home to quiet, empty homes.

They have to 'reinvent' themselves, accept their childrens' new lives and count the days to the next homecoming.

Music used: "Suantraí", Fintan O'Carroll. Sung by Cantando.

'The Curious Ear' is produced by Ronan Kelly

First Broadcast Jan 4th 2013

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