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The story of Ringsend and how it became known as "Raytown". An insightful documentary about what makes this coastal town tick.(Broadcast 1981)

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3.5/5 (16 ratings)


Looking for Paddy Murphy in Ringsend would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, there are so many Paddy Murphys in Ringsend.

That’s what one of the Paddy Murphy says anyway: “Ringsend is saturated with Murphys,” he says. And the fact that there are so many Murphys and Byrnes in Ringsend is why so many people are known by nicknames in Ringsend.

Ringsend itself even has a nickname - "Raytown". For years - before the Italians came and started selling ray in takeaways - people from Ringsend were the only people who would eat ray.

Ringsend is famously known as the place that Oliver Cromwell first set foot on Irish shores on the 15th of August 1649, and residents of Ringsend talk about the people make up the population of this Dublin community – from the Murphys and the Byrnes to the Scots who lived in Scotch Alley and the Protestants who lived in Four Shilling Cottages on Pigeon House Road.

This documentary takes a close look at this close knit coastal suburb and finds out what really makes it tick. We also learn about some incredible locals, including one who fought under Joseph Stalin.

From local nicknames, to the local boozers, and the famous local delicacy "towed ray", this documentary is a fascinating insight into Irish life in Ringsend in the '80s.

Producer: Dick Warner

Presenter: Ronan Bourke

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