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A Man Out Of Time

Fr. Noise died in mysterious circumstances when his carriage plunged into the Liffey in 1919. Over 70 yrs later, Dublin's millennium clock was situated in this exact spot. Where did this infamous clock end up and what happened on the night Fr. Noise died?

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4.5/5 (19 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Kevin O'Connor

As a radio producer, Kevin O'Connor made hundreds of features and dozens of documentaries, notably A Death In January (1982) about the maverick Sean Bourke who engineered the prison escape in London of the KGB spy George Blake and The Limerick Soviet about a then relatively unknown episode during the War of Independence.

As a writer he has published Ironing the Land (railways) Thou Shalt Not Kill (crime) Blake and Bourke(espionage) and most recently a biography of the Russian-Irish painter, Harry Kernoff

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