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An Irishman learns about Japan from other Irish there: a fake Catholic priest, a teacher on TV and a Roscommon Sumo wrestler.

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4.1/5 (39 ratings)


Julien Clancy moved to Japan to be with his Irish girlfriend. So far so good, until his money ran out and he had to find a job. For that he had to learn the language, get around and make himself understood.

Julien needed some local knowledge. He recruited Irish people already living in Japan including a man who makes a living officiating as a fake priest at 'Christian' weddings, a woman who had a local TV crew at her first day of work and a Roscommon man who is a Sumo wrestler.

"Ganbatte!", roughly translated, is Japanese for "Go for it! You can do it!"

This programme is an edited extract from a 6-part series made for RTE Radio 1 Extra, the digital station.

It was made with the support of the Sound & Vision Fund of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Producer: Julien Clancy Sound: Chris Cleary

The producer for RTE is Ronan Kelly

First broadcast January 1st., 2013

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