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Take No More

A glimpse into the Ireland of today - The extraordinary and desperate story of a standoff between teachers, subcontractors and parents in a County Limerick primary school.

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4.5/5 (80 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Mary Mc Donnell

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Documentary Maker: Mairead O'Connor

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Documentary maker: Diarmuid McIntyre

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Take No More

On the 3rd September 2012 the doors finally opened on a new Primary School in Kilfinane Co Limerick. It was the end of 160 years of outside toilets, rats and overcrowding, and of a desperate 10 year fight by parents and the local community.

On the 22nd November 2012 seven vans driven by subcontractors arrived at the new school at hometime. Owed money by the main contractor for months, and already at a loss when the previous contractor went bust, the subcontractors were desperate. To the horror of teachers, they surged in to strip the school of fittings and cut off phones and power. Stunned parents blockaded their vans as they tried to exit.

A standoff ensued with staff in the darkening school, subcontractors by their loaded vans and parents massed at the gates.

This is the story of the events of that day, captured as they happened, and that of the subcontractors, staff, and parents, as they struggle to reach a resolution in the glare of the national media.

Produced by Grey Heron Media - Diarmuid McIntyre, Mairead O'Connor and Mary McDonnell

First broadcast December 15th.

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