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Ten year old Eoghan Clonan wants a dog - but not your average mutt. He's looking for a very special dog. Students will work through a series of comprehension and creative tasks preparing them for the final task - a radio review.

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4.3/5 (137 ratings)

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Documentary Maker: Aoife Stokes

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Documentary Maker: Ciaran Cassidy

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Eoghan has a rare neuro-muscular condition called Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease which means he is a wheelchair user and has difficulty using his hands, amongst other things.

After a two-year wait, Eoghan has been approved for his very own Superdog and it’s time for the Clonans to bring Duke home.

Duke will be able to do lots of things for Eoghan – from turning on the washing machine to picking things up and opening and closing doors. There's huge anticipation about his arrival. More than that, this highly-trained dog will be Eoghan’s new best friend.

Eoghan and his dad, Irish Times security correspondent and former soldier, Tom Clonan, are on the road to pick up Duke from Jennifer Dowler, co-founder of Irish Dogs for the Disabled and its chief dog trainer in Blarney in Cork.

Socks and teddy bears will be stolen, chocolate pancakes will be eaten, faces will be licked and someone will end up chasing a dog up the road in just their underpants.

Will Duke be sad leaving his doggie brothers and sisters? How will Eoghan and Duke bond? And how will the Clonan family feel when their very own Superdog comes home?
Follow Eoghan and Duke’s Journey as two wheels meet four paws.

Produced by Aoife Stokes.

Production Supervision by Ciaran Cassidy.

First broadcast December 8th 2012.

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