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One World: Team Vietnam - Let The Games Begin!

Everybody got behind the Irish Paralympic team this summer but we also had good reason to be cheering for another team - Vietnam.

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4.6/5 (8 ratings)

Documentary maker: Tim Desmond

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Documentary maker: Nicoline Greer

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One World: Team Vietnam - Let The Games Begin!

This summer, Irish Aid took the Vietnamese team under its wing - and before the London 2012 games, the team of ten powerlifters, swimmers and discus and javelin throwers came to train and acclimatise to the European weather in Limerick.

Vietnam has one of the highest rates of disability in the world. Approximately five million people suffer from a disability.

Polio is the cause of a huge amount of disability as well as people who have been affected by the legacy of the Vietnam / American war.

The damage caused by the use of Agent Orange is still visible and Vietnam is still dealing with areas with unexploded ordnance.

But being disabled in a developing country is no easy task, with busy and chaotic streets, accessibility is a big problem.

And the idea of disabled people participating in sport is a relatively new one.

The Documentary on One follows the team as they train in basic faciliities in Ho Chi Minh City, travel to Ireland and meet their Irish competitors - and on to the London Paralympic Games.

Vietnam has never won a medal at the Paralympics and this time they are hoping that, this year, one of them will realise their dream.

Narrated and produced by Tim Desmond.

Production Supervision by Nicoline Greer.

Sound supervision by Mark Dwyer.

This documentary was produced in conjunction with Irish Aid.

First Broadcast 29th October 2012

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