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Thank you for having me (but I think you've been had)

A profile of master hoaxer Campbell McComas

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4.3/5 (30 ratings)

Thank you for having me (but I think you've been had)

The brilliant hoaxer Campbell McComas died a few years ago at the peak of his 'career' as a bogus after-dinner speaker.

ABC Australia's, Gordon Glenn got access to his assiduously preserved tapes, which record his outrageous pranks on the professional class, and has assembled them together with candid interviews with the hoaxer himself.

Out of a total of about 1,800 totally fabricated personalities, McComas recalls some of the more memorable 'visiting professors' and other high achievers he presented to the academic and business groups circuit as genuine experts in various fields.

Not everyone got the joke - the feature includes a walk-out by US diplomats upset by a reference to their Americas Cup defeat.

Sound: Paul Penton

From ABC Radio's "Radio Eye" series.

Broadcast on Saturday 29 March, 2008

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