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The Wednesday Club

Every Wednesday a group of Dublin pensioners meet to enjoy life - Music is supplied by an inhouse band (all aged 80yrs+) - They dance, they eat, they drink tea - And all the while they reflect on lives lived and how life is now

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4.2/5 (55 ratings)

Documentary maker: Nicoline Greer

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The Wednesday Club

The people that come to the Wednesday Club all grew up in Dublin's inner city. Many of them moved further out to places like Ballyfermot and Finglas when the tenements were demolished.

These people remember times when there was great poverty in Dublin. Times when people would put their suit into the pawn shop on a Monday and take it out for Saturday night and Sunday best.

But they also remember good times - times of great community and times when people made their own entertainment in the house parties - or 'hoolies'.

Sean Whelan is MC and his eyes well up when he thinks about the joy that he has seen music bring to older people.

Paddy plays the organ and piano. His wife died 25 years ago but he still can't bare to be in the house by himself. When he retired from his job in the corporation, he knew that he was going to get out there and play music.

Frank loves to sing but was too shy to sing for most of his life. Frank's wife died only two years ago. They used to sing duets in the 'singing houses' around Dublin. Most of the singing houses are gone now - but in the Wednesday Club, the spirit of them lives on.

Many of the members of The Wednesday Club have lost people close to them but for both the band and the people that come to the Wednesday Club, it's a place to remember the songs they grew up with, to get out of the house and to have fun.

Produced by Nicoline Greer.

Sound supervision by Mark McGrath.

The Wednesday Club is run by the Friends of the Elderly.

First broadcast: August 11th 2012 @2pm

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