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Laherdane in Mayo has an eternal tie with the Titanic - she stole 11 locals in 1912 - Scourged by generations of emigration, then and now, the locals are commemorating the Titanic centenary big this year - VERY BIG

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4.2/5 (74 ratings)


The Titanic sank in the North Atlantic 100 years ago - It has also sunk into the psyche of one tiny village in Co Mayo - Lahardane - The ship carried 14 emigrants from the area - 11 drowned.

This year, the village is investing phenomenal energy in the anniversary: new stained-glass windows in the church, a specially-written play, a memorial garden complete with sculptures, a cultural week grandiose event that has been kept as a surprise.

All this, however, takes place against a new flight of villagers overseas - just like the one for which 'The Titanic' was built.

This documentary follows the preparations for the anniversary but also tells the story of conflicting attitudes to emigration in the area.

(Photos: Ronan Kelly. Additional photography: Dara Kelly)

Narrated and produced by Ronan Kelly.

First broadcast 7th April 2012.

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