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The Continentals

In the 1950's an Australian cabaret band called 'The Continentals', were hugely popular at weddings and parties - 36 years on, aged in their 70's and 80's, the band has re-formed.

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3.9/5 (14 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Shevonne Hunt

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The Continentals

A story about history repeating, but in the most uplifting way.

In the 1950s through to the early 70s, a cabaret band called The Continentals, were hugely popular at weddings and parties in Adelaide, South Australia.

Now after 36 years, with their ages ranging from 70 to almost 80, the band has re-formed.

Presented by Steven Guerra

Produced by Shevonne Hunt

This documentary was made for and first aired on 360 Documentaries from ABC Australia

First broadcast on RTE Radio 1 on 5th February 2012.

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