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The Lewis Folk

The Isle of Lewis off the West coast of Scotland shares a kindred Gaelic spirit with the Irish - In 1976 Kieran Sheedy went to investigate and unearthed a community that worked by day and danced by night - well, not quite...

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4.8/5 (8 ratings)

The Lewis Folk

Lewis is the largest and most populous of the Outer Hebridean islands, with over 6000 residents living in the main port of Stornoway alone. Bursting with world famous archaeological sites, Lewis holds the Neolithic 'Callanish Stones,' (which predate the Egyptian Pyramids) the Pictish Carloway Broch (roundhouse) the Norse mill house and many more.

There are many shared aspects of identity and culture between the Scottish Islands and Ireland - and the Isle of Lewis is no different in its hope and fears at maintaining its Gaelic identity.

Produced by Kieran Sheedy

First broadcast 15th August, 1976

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