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Good Day At Blackrock

The story of a man who fulfilled a promise he made to his 13-year old self

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4.2/5 (44 ratings)

Good Day At Blackrock

Patrick Monaghan, was a lighthouse-keeper.

In September 1937, he was swept from the Blackrock lighthouse, 10 miles off the coast of Mayo, by a freak wave. His body was never discovered.

Seven months later, his wife gave birth to a girl, Mamie. She, in turn, had eight children, including radio presenter, Cathal.

For years, Mamie and her family had looked from the Mayo shore at the spec that is Blackrock Lighthouse - Patrick's final resting-place.

In June 2010, with the help of Irish Lights, Mamie and Cathal made the journey to Blackrock Lighthouse.

Thanks to:

Commissioners of Irish Lights


Especially John Gore Grimes and the lighthouse-keeper, John Ruane.

Also, Joe Beirne of Midwest Radio who made the recording of singer, Padraig Ó Maolruaidh available.

The Curious Ear is produced by Ronan Kelly

(A short Irish documentary from RTE Radio, Ireland)


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