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Generation X-Factor

Jedward-mania hit the country in the autumn of 2009. This documentary looks at life inside the pop bubble - and what happens when the bubble bursts.

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4.2/5 (26 ratings)

Documentary maker: Nicoline Greer

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Generation X-Factor

Schoolboys John and Edward Grimes are part of a generation that dream of fame and of being celebrities.

Though the television judges repeatedly told them that they couldn’t sing, with their unique style and self-belief, John and Edward built up a huge fanbase, especially among thirteen and fourteen year old girls.

Hairdressers reported people coming in looking for the ‘Jedward’ hairstyle. Facebook groups quickly gathered thousands of members both in favour or against the twins.

Every Saturday and Sunday evening, the Lord Lucan pub was packed out with supporters of the twins. And after they were eliminated from the competition, extra security had to be employed to bring them to their appearance on the Late Late Show Toy Show, such were the numbers of fans outside the building.

The Documentary on One talks to those Irish contestants that have gone before John and Edward and chased the X-Factor dream.

Programme maker Nicoline Greer meets Emma O’Driscoll who was part of the band Six that was created from the winners of the Irish programme Popstars; Tabby Callaghan who was a finalist in the first X-Factor in 2004, and to Eoghan Quigg, who came third in last year’s X-Factor.

She finds out what they have been doing since the television shows ended and how all three eventually found themselves back in their hometowns, wondering what to do next.

Playing to 120,000 people in the Phoenix Park, living with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne in their L.A. mansion and supporting a Boyzone tour were some of the experiences that these three will remember for the rest of their lives

But the Documentary on One also uncovers some of the challenges that young and often naïve people have to deal with when dealing with the music business and the huge machine that is the X-Factor.

Recorded, compiled and narrated by Nicoline Greer.

Sound Supervision by Mark McGrath.

First broadcast 23rd January 2010.

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries.

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