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The Sweep and the Philosopher

A really feel good radio documentary where a 70 year old chimney sweep and a Professor of philosophy swap jobs.

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  • 4.3/5 (34 ratings)
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4.3/5 (34 ratings)

Documentary maker: Liam Nolan

Liam is a TV director and freelance journalist who is now a Video Producer with @TheEconomist

He has occassionally produced radio documentaries for the 'Documentary On One' and has also directed over 20 broadcast films (RTÉ, Setanta and TG4) and presented a program titled 'Small World' on RTÉ One TV in 2011.

He now lives in Warsaw, Poland and writes/has written for the Irish Examiner, The Economist, FT and the Warsaw Business Journal. He speaks advanced French and Irish - and lower intermediate Polish.

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