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What-you-may-call-it, Drugs and liver transplants

A radio documentary about the 1960's Dublin beat group The Movement

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4.5/5 (2 ratings)

Documentary Maker: Ciaran Cassidy

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Documentary maker: Peter Woods

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What-you-may-call-it, Drugs and liver transplants

19th November 2005

What-you-may call-it, Drugs and Liver Transplants is a documentary about what might have been. It's a story about the 1960's Dublin beat group The Movement.

The Movement only released two singles during their brief lifespan. Originally from Cabra, on the northside of Dublin, the band played to big crowds, supported by Rory Gallagher and had a hit single in 1967, before implosion. Their story reads like an apocryphal tale of Ireland in the 60s.

Amongst aficionados of 60s beat groups, The Movement have achieved legendary status. Their singles are collectors' items. It's rumoured that what is described as 'the monster guitar break' on Tell Her was actually played by Jimmy Page, later of Led Zeppelin.

In What-you-may call-it, Drugs and Liver Transplants, Ciaran Cassidy gets to the bottom of these stories. He goes in search of The Movement. a search that takes him into the bars of the Northside and through the taxi ranks at Dublin Airport.

He gets to hear the story of a drummer's odyssey around Ireland, reassembling the drum-kit he'd sold in bleaker times and he hears how Irish Rock and Roll was born in one woman's kitchen. This is a tale of rock and roll and of lost innocence.

Compiled by Ciaran Cassidy

Produced by Peter Woods

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries


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