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21 Years and 8 days

A radio documentary about Gary Douche who was beaten to death in the holding cell of Mountjoy Prison.

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4.0/5 (30 ratings)

Documentary maker: Ann-Marie Power

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21 Years and 8 days

Sunday 20th April 2008

On 1 August 2006, 21 year old Gary Douche was beaten to death in the holding cell of Mountjoy Prison. The details of his death made front page news. He was violently attacked by another inmate in a hot and overcrowded cell.

The programme begins with his death, and follows a path around the underbelly of Dublin to Darndale estate where he lived as a young boy.

21 years and 8 days discovers that Gary Douche's death is not seen as anything unusual in Darndale, in fact most of his young school friends, if not in Mountjoy Prison also lie in the same graveyard. The documentary hears from those who grew up with him, who knew him and from his mother who wants to know how, after asking for protection, he ended up dead eight days after his 21st Birthday.

In April 2009, Stephen Egan was convicted of the manslaughter of Gary Douche by reason of diminished responsibility.

In May 2009, Ann Marie Power wrote an article for the Sunday Tribune about all the issues in her documentary. Click here to read that article.

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

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