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    CountryWide Saturday 3 May 2014



    People, events and happenings around the country, presented by Damien O'Reilly.


    All-Ireland Drama

    With the All Ireland Drama festival underway ,Countrywide puts its two cents worth behind Corn Mill Theatre Carrigallen Co Leitrim and their production of The Devils Ceili . Damien has a report Kevin McGahern and Philip Doherty who write the Devils Ceili pop in for a pre -theatre chat .


    Embryo science in Cattle and Horses

    Suzanne Camblell meets Larry Dunne , an Enniskerry-based vet who's at the leading edge of embryo science - in the Cattle and Sport Horse world . We find out about the job of the recipient .a sort of bovine surrogate for high value livestock and sport horses !!


    The Vikings are back !!!!!

    Coleman Deeley , Newcastle West Co Limerick tells Frances about the new arrivals on his farm .Norwegian Red cattle ..


    Butter me up

    There ain't no better buter ...Kevin Lane - CEO of the Irish Dairy Board drops in to tell Damien about Kerrygold's plans to be the biggest butter in the States .and build on their success in Europe and farther afield. See the ad on

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    Speech Broadcaster of the Year Damien O'Reilly and the CountryWide team feature the events, people and happenings that bring colour and life to communities, towns and villages across the country

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