Saturday, 8.10am

    CountryWide Saturday 18 January 2014



    People, events and happenings around the country, presented by Marty Morrissey


    'Money for Jam'

    Mooney for Jam :The Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Small Food Business is available in book shops now. Louise Denvir meets some people who have turned cottage hobbies into cottage industries


    Ger Talty

    Ger speaks to Marty about his seaweed business and how the recent storms have affected him


    NCBI in Cashel

    Mary Mc Donnell visited the NCBI shop in Cashel - a very special place !


    Clonard Clover

    Declan Brennan travelled to Clonard Clover, Cavan to find out more about their latest innovative retail product - bottled eggs !


    Farming in Ethiopa

    AIsling Hussey frmo The Farmers Journal was in Ethiopa recently to witness a new Irish Project that is assisting farmers there


    Skerries Dog Lovers

    Brian Lally meets some distressed dog lovers in Skerries !

    About The Show

    Speech Broadcaster of the Year Damien O'Reilly and the CountryWide team feature the events, people and happenings that bring colour and life to communities, towns and villages across the country

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    • Title: Marathon
      Composer: Moore Riley, Patrick Riley
      Performer(s): Tennis
      Performer(s): Tennis
      Album: Cape Dory
      Duration: 1:20


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