Saturday, 8.10am

    CountryWide Saturday 30 November 2013



    People, events and happenings around the country, presented by Damien O'Reilly.


    IFA Presidency Campaign

    Thousands of farmers will cast their votes over the next fortnight. Two names are on the ballot paper Eddie Downey and Ger Bergin.


    Fast Food in Navan

    Ella Mc Sweeney visits Navan where a fast food restaurant is to be built beside a school. She listens to many viewpoints.


    Turkey Time

    Damien visit's Hogan's farm near Kells Co. Meath


    Cormac MacConnell's read his own Obit

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to read your own obituary ? Well, Corman Mac Connell had that experience recently

    About The Show

    Speech Broadcaster of the Year Damien O'Reilly and the CountryWide team feature the events, people and happenings that bring colour and life to communities, towns and villages across the country

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