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    CountryWide Saturday 19 October 2013



    People, events and happenings around the country, presented by Damien O'Reilly.


    The growth of German discount retailers Lidl and Aldi continues at a rapid pace. Song writer Mickey Mc Connell recorded this little ditty in John B Keanes pub in Listowel

    John Bryan

    John Bryan, President of the IFA talks to Damien about the recent budget from the farmers point of view

    Cattle Rustling

    Cattle rustling is a real problem in this country. Declan Brennan met farmer Tommy Lambe who farms 150 acres along with Monaghan/Louth/Armagh border. Tommy had six heifers stolen from one of his fields.

    Mooncoin farmer John Crowley

    Damien spent a lovely afternoon with potato farmer John Crowley in Mooncoin, Kilkenny

    GMO Technology

    Seamus Sheridan spoke with Damien about his thoughts on how GMO technology interacts with ecosystems

    About The Show

    Speech Broadcaster of the Year Damien O'Reilly and the CountryWide team feature the events, people and happenings that bring colour and life to communities, towns and villages across the country

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    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: Two Little Boys
      Composer: Morse
      Performer(s): Foster & Allen
      Performer(s): Foster & Allen
      Album: Sing the Sixties, DMG, DMGTV 012
      Duration: 3:20


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