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    Paul Finnerty

    It’s almost nine months to the day since news broke that a beef burger tested from Silvercrest in Monaghan contained 29% horse DNA. The Silvercrest plant was owned then by Larry Goodman’s ABP, and this week, Damien spoke to Paul Finnerty, the Chief Executive of ABP, who was speaking for the first time about the horsemeat scandal since January.


    Galway Bake Fest

    Last weekend, Galway played host to its very own Bake Fest, where an incredible ten thousand people walked through Leisureland in Salthill, sampling cakes, getting tips and competing in categories form wedding cakes to soda bread. Sinead Egan went along to see what it was all about.


    John Shirley

    After 43 years, agricultural reporter and writer John Shirley is hanging up his pen. John began reporting with the Farmer's Journal in 1970, then worked as the Communications Manager for the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, before returning to write a weekly column in the Farming Independent, the last of which he wrote on Tuesday.


    Broccoli Grower Paul Brophy

    While the number of farmers who grow vegetables on a commercial scale continues to decline, one farmer who has been in the business for three decades is Paul Brophy. He is one of the largest brocolli growers in the country, and for him vegetable growers have two options: get big, or get out.

    Ella McSweeney visited Paul in Co. Kildare.

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