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    European Ploughing Championship

    In our time this nation of ours has produced champion golfers, champion cyclists and indeed champion boxers but now in the field of international competitive ploughing, Ireland is home to a true world beater. Wexford John Whelan joined Marty on the phone this morning after his return from Alberta, Canada at The European Ploughing Championship.


    Skibbereen People's Museum

    Don't be in a rush to throw out papers and old bills you have lying around the place. A pop up museum in Skibbereen, Cork will open for the arts festival there at the end of this month.

    The People's Museum of Skibbereen runs from today, July 27th to next Saturday August 3rd you can find out more information on


    Irish Seaweed

    It's been a part of Irish tradition for hundreds of years used in everything from cosmetics to fertilisers to medicine but in recent times there's been a fresh interest in one of our greatest natural resources, Seaweed. Rhona Tarrant travelled to Kerry and Galway to find out more for Countrywide.


    Summer Harvest

    The weather changed this week and well some farmers were glad of the rain for crops, because grass growth had been stunted due to the dry conditions. Frances Shanahan met up with a farmer who was cutting a field of barley near Cashel in County Tipperary.


    Dun Laoghaire to Howth

    With such a short distance to cross from Dun Laoghaire to Howth you would think it could be done by water but only if you own a boat of your own. Marty met up with a enterprising Clare man who has started a pleasure boat service directly linking the North side of the bay with the South side of the bay.


    Fraughan Sunday

    Ella Mc Sweeney dropped into studio 7 this morning to speak to Marty about Fraughan Sunday. Tomorrow is the last Sunday in July and in many parts of the country it's known as Fraughan Sunday when berries are ripe and ready to be harvested.

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