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    Update 27th April

    Update 20 April..

    Barry Doyle from Arboretum has just come back with some soil test results from the Allotment plus some very sensible advice..

    "The soil samples were taken from three different places ,the left and right of the glasshouse and we also got a sample from the raised beds.
    All the samples came through with a neutral to alkaline ph reading of 7-7.5. This is perfect for growing vegetables. The soil temperatures have risen considerably in the last two weeks but they are still threatening a little frost for the end of the week so have the fleece to hand if any crops need protecting .

    Many thanks,

    Barry Doyle

    Arboretum lifestyle and garden centre
    Kilkenny Road
    Co. Carlow

    P : +353 599721558
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    Saturday March 23rd

    The allotment in RTE has lain “fallow” for 2 years – originally it was set up by Gerry Ryan and the Ryan show on 2fm- so Countrywide decided to revive it.

    We enlisted Grow It Yourself Ireland and the Sandymount Dublin group picked up the option to cultivate the site . What’s more we have professional advice from The Arboretum in Carlow, in the shape of the boss Rachel Doyle and son Barry, both of whom are fully qualified horticulturalists as well as running one of the country’s best known garden centre.

    And there’s a video of the GIY’ers and Rachel and Barry meeting up for the first time on the allotment.

    GIY –Sandymount have a regularly updated blog on the Countrywide allotment.. :

    The Arboretum are at

    GIY are at:


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