Callan's Kicks

Callan's Kicks


Friday 21st October

Paschal and Simon Harris

The two ministers clash over health spending

FG Annual Dinner

Enda's annual party presidential dinner

Trump v Hillary

Marian hosts the final debate

Callan's Kicks October 21st 2016

The final Trump-Clinton debate, strikes, Cutting Edge and Enda's FG dinner.

Friday 14th October

Callan's Kicks October 14th 2016

The fallout from Budget 2017, the latest in the US presidential race, Bob Dylan's nobel prize and Fiver Friday.

Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize

folk singer shocks the literary world with a musical acceptance speech.

Leo and Pat Kenny

Varadkar drops hints of leadership ambitions in his post-Budget interview with the chat titan

Marian and Hillary

Clinton is on the phone with Marian Finucane in Election 16

Ross and Zappone

Champagne for the independent duo

Friday 7th October

Callan's Kicks October 7th 2016

Enda meets Micheál in a lift as Noonan and Paschal prepare the Budget, Paul O'Connell has a new book out and Donald Trump is being coached by Nigel Farage.

Trump meets Farage

The Donald is being coached by the ex-UKIP leader for Sunday's debate with Hillary

Leo lobbies country TD's

In the Fine Gael leadership race, Dr Leo meets rural TDs in a bar to get their support

Enda and Mícheál

The Taoiseach meets the FF leader in a lift after a bad poll for Micheál Martin's party

Friday 29th April

Callan's Kicks

The full show - Friday 29th April

Friday 22nd April

Callan's Kicks April 22nd 2016

The FG and FF Govt formation talks stick in the water, Conor McGregor un-retires and Gerry Adams does the Census

Happy Birthday Michael D

The President celebrates his 75th birthday as Queen Elizabeth turns 90

Fianna Fáil Wants Power

Micheál Martin tries to placate a rowdy meeting of power-hungry Soldiers of Dynasty

Conor McGregor un-retires

Etiquette lessons on how to retire gracefully and then u-turn violently

FF-FG Irish Water Talks

Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil discuss the water issue in Govt talks at Trinity College

Friday 15th April

Callan's Kicks Friday 15th April

The Full Show

Opposition Anonymous

Sinn Féiners and Lefties admit their addiction to opposition benches in difficult meeting

Trump Calls Noonan

The Finance Minister mans the phones at Trump Doonbeg resort

Ringer and Enda

The Acting Taoiseach can feel history in the air after FF gives up minority Govt hopes

The Independents

Very little can be agreed at a meeting of the famous abstainers

Friday 8th April

Callan's Kicks

The full show, Friday 8th April

The Panama Papers

David Cameron and Trump on the offshore revelations

Michael Lowry Loves Enda

Enda is haunted by the Tipp TS who keeps voting for him

Kitty Corridor, Dáil Snoop

Leinster House insider on the week's events

Enda and Michael Meeting

The party leaders discuss a Grand Coalition

Friday 1st April

Callan's Kicks Friday 1st April

The full show

Liam Neeson April 2016 Episode 2

Documentary charts the failures of Easter week 2016

Ringer and Enda FF Phonecall

Enda is thrilled after the call with Big Mickey but Ringer is worried

Michael D Exhausted

The President tries to rest after the Centenary marathon

Michael and Enda's Phonecall

The FF and FG leaders finally break the ice

Friday 25th March

The Temptation of FF's Big Mickey

After 40 days in the wilderness, Micheál Martin is visited by tempting spirits

Liam Neeson narrates Easter 2016

The Hollywood star narrates a groundbreaking documentary on events in Ireland 2016

Easter 1916 Joe Duffy

Des meets Joe who is dressed up as a 1916 bookseller as part of RTE's Reflecting the Rising

Callan's Kicks 1916 Centenary Special

Full show; Parades, the Passion and Liam Neeson narrates 2016

Friday 18th March

Enda in the White House 2016

Awkward moments as the caretaker leader visits Obama

Adams Snubbed at White House

Gerry waits all night for Martin to leave the White House party

Parades Round-up 2016

Regional reporters cover parades in Cork, Kerry, Galway and Crumlin

Dublin St Patrick's Parade 2016

Des Cahill and Blathnaid report on a colourful parade filled with colour

Callan's Kicks St Patrick's Day 2016

Full show; Parades, Shamrock and White House snubs

Friday 11th March

Callan's Kicks March 11th 2016

Full show; First day of the 32nd Dáil

First day of the 32nd Dáil

DDP reports on the return of the Dáil with 51 new TDs

Shane Ross meets Enda

The Independent Alliance leader meets a disinterested caretaker Taoiseach

Joan and Enda Casablanca

Enda says an emotional farewell to Joan

Friday 4th March

Callan's Kicks March 4th 2016

FF, FG and Labour meet to discuss the fallout from Election 2016

Enda and Ringer Post-Election

The Ringer is furious over D4 buckos as Enda finds his authority slipping away

Labour Party Meeting

A very sombre and reduced Labour party meet to discuss the future after an election drubbing

Fianna Fail Party Meeting

Big Mickey struggles to convince the Soldiers of Dynasty to join up with Fine Gael

Fine Gael Party Meeting

There's tension as Enda meets his troops to discuss the formation of the next Government

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