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    Friday 18th April

    18th April 2014 - Anglo Trial, Angela Kerins, Frank Flannery's last supper, TV3's rugby world cup and Masterchef

    In this episode, the Anglo Trial, Angela Kerins, Frank Flannery's last supper, TV3's rugby world cup and Masterchef.

    Friday 11th April

    11th April 2014 President Michael D's Irish State visit with BOD, Amy, Martin McGuinness and the Queen

    In this episode, a round-up of President Michael D's Irish State visit with BOD, Amy, Martin McGuinness and the Queen.

    Friday 4th April

    4th April - Super Sliothar Saturday, the IFTAs, Michael D prepares for British State visit and Count Shatter survives another week.

    In this episode, Super Sliothar Saturday, the IFTAs, Michael D prepares for British State visit and Count Shatter survives another week.

    Bob Dylan

    Spoof of that unavoidable Bob Dylan radio advert

    Sky Sports GAA

    Sky Sports advert marking the dawn of its GAA era

    Friday 28th March

    28th March - the Garda Tapes, Minister Shatter, Mother's Day, Paul Galvin's wedding

    In this episode, the Garda Tapes, Leinster versus Munster, Mother's Day, Paul Galvin's wedding and an Irish reception at Buckingham Palace.

    Buckingham Irish Reception

    The Queen greets Irish guests at a reception ahead of the Presidential State visit to Britain.

    Garda Tape1

    Illegal recording of a phone line at an unidentified Garda station.

    Garda Gate Noah Trailer

    The flood of scandals threatening Government gets the Hollywood treatment.

    Cabinet Garda Gate

    Taoiseach Enda struggles to maintain unity and control as Gardagate rolls on.

    House of Guards

    Kevin Spacey introduces a new version of the Netflix series.

    Friday 21st March

    Callans Kicks 21st March Full episode

    In this episode, America Vs Russia, Shatter Vs Varadkar, FF's Ard Fheis, the Sunday Game discusses BOD and Enda 'Call me anytime' Kenny hosts Liveline.

    Friday 14th March

    Full episode Callans Kicks 14th March 2014

    In this episode, Enda meets Cameron and Obama, Winning Streak Martys, Six Nations, Cheltenham and GAA club finals.

    Friday 7th March

    Callans Kicks Full episode 7th March

    In this episode, Enda threatens Russia, BOD, Nicky Byrne and Ray Darcy.

    Friday 28th February

    Callans Kicks Full Episode 28th Feb 2014

    In this episode, Alan Shatter, Rehab, Roy Keane and Oscars.

    Friday 21st February

    Callan's Kicks Feb. 21st 2014

    In this episode, 'Tinker, Traitor, Shatter, Spy' plus rugby, Gooch, Gabriel Byrne and Rehab.

    Friday 14th February

    Full Episode Callans Kicks 14th Feb 2014

    In this episode, Valentine's dinners with odd couples, Alan Shatter on GSOC, Kenny Egan and TV3 storm reports

    Friday 7th February

    Callan's Kicks Full Episode Feb. 7th 2014

    In this episode Sharon bring us the latest on the floods, Brendan O'Connor apologises, Michael D on Garth Brooks and Ireland face Wales in the Six Nations.

    Tuesday 31st December

    Callans Kicks The Year 2013 - Full Programme

    Oliver Callan reviews the year's events through comedy satire in a special episode of Callan's Kicks.

    Friday 20th December

    Full Programme Callans Kicks 20th December

    A special Callan's Kicks Christmas Carol, while Fianna Fail enjoy their staff party, Miriam meets Santa, Michael D and Kevin send Christmas cards and Christy Moore sings for the festive spirit.

    Callan's Kicks Christmas Movies

    New movies on Netflix to mark the bailout exit.

    Callan's Kicks NAMA vegetables

    The NAMA scandal explained through a vegetable shop transaction.

    Callan's Kicks Christy Hates Xmas

    Christy Moore rails against the Yuletide.

    Callan's Kicks Bulletin North

    A news report on daft dissidents in the North.

    Friday 13th December

    Full Show 13th December 2013

    The countdown to Ireland's exit of the Troika bailout begins while Roy Keane confesses, Michael D returns from South Africa and Alan Shatter mans the checkpoints on Friday the 13th.

    Bóthar Advert

    The charity is suffering from the CRC scandal fallout.

    Roy Keane Confession

    Roy goes to church to own up to all the sins of his career.

    Bailout Countdown

    The Cabinet gathers to countdown the moment Ireland leaves the Troika Bailout

    News HSE

    A report on how Ministers for Health keep clean of infectious scandals.

    Friday 6th December

    Callans Kicks Full Show 6th December 2013

    In this episode, Taoiseach Enda in Japan, Miriam's charity drives, Sean Dunne's art auction and the weather with Evelyn Cusack and Jean Byrne.

    Friday 29th November

    Callans Kicks 29th November 2013

    In this episode, Ryan rehearses for the Toy Show, Michael D is upset at media coverage about his assistant Kevin and Labour arrives in Kerry for its annual think-in...

    Friday 22nd November

    Callans Kicks 22nd Nov Full Programme

    In this episode, Gerry Adams on JFK, James Reilly investigates hospital sweet shops, Ireland prepares for the All Blacks and Michael D gets a call from the Queen.

    Friday 15th November

    Callans Kicks Whole Show 15th November

    In this episode, Michael Noonan avoids all precautions after the bailout, Martin O'Neill and Roy get ready for Latvia while Brian O'Driscoll becomes a doctor

    Friday 8th November

    Callans Kicks Full Programme 8th November

    In this week's episode, Roy Keane meets the press, Enda reflects on same sex marriage, TV3 prepares to battle with UTV and Michael Noonan hails Ireland's 'Red Letter Day

    Friday 1st November

    Callans Kicks Full Show 1st November 2013

    In this episode, Phil Hogan tackles the water crisis, trick or treating with Alan Shatter, bell-ringing with Enda Kenny and Labour chases the pink vote.

    Friday 25th October

    Full Show Callans Kicks 25th October

    In this episode, Gardai raid the British Royal Christening, Alex Ferguson brings his controlling streak to bear on Cabinet while Michael D finds Mexico isn't everything he was hoping for.

    Friday 18th October

    Callans Kicks 18th October Full Show

    In this week's episode of Callan's Kicks, the Dáil in uproar after Budget Day, Leo and Phil Hogan get stuck in a lift, Miriam talks to John Gilligan and all the latest from Downturn Abbey.

    Friday 11th October

    Callans Kicks Full Show

    In this week's episode of Callan's Kicks, Michael Noonan prepares the Budget, Enda Kenny recovers from the wallop, Eamon Dunphy looks ahead to the Germany match and the cat from Love Hate returns...

    Friday 4th October

    Downturn Abbey

    Noonan as Lord Grantham heralds cuts to save the estate while the Dowager Taoiseach is delighted to see the back of Cousin Matthews


    Enda Kenny is hidden in the bowels of FG HQ as he concerns himself more with photobombing than tackling any actual issues.

    Labour Pains

    Eamon and Joan are fighting like a warring couple.

    Callans Kicks Full Programme

    In this week's episode, Sinead O'Connor writes to Miley Cyrus, Eamon Dunphy writes, Love/Hate returns with James Reilly while Cousin Matthews departs FG in Downturn Abbey.

    Friday 27th September

    Christy Moore's Arthur's Day

    A Ballad of Arthur's Day from Christy Moore

    Callans Kicks Full Programme

    Callan's Kicks looks back on the ploughing championships and Arthur's Day this week, while looking ahead to the hurling final replay and Budget cuts.

    Friday 5th July

    Full Programme Callans Kicks 5th June

    This week's episode features an angry mob trying oust Warren Gatland while BOD recovers, Lucinda Creighton debates her conscience and Edward Snowden visits Ireland.

    Gatland Voicemails

    The mob puts pressure on the Lions coach by bombarding his message minder.

    Taoiseach Enda on BOD

    Leo tries to explain the shock exclusion of Brian O'Driscoll for the final Lions test to Enda

    Friday 28th June

    Full Programme 28th June 2013

    This week's episode features the Angela tapes, the Enda Tapes and Brian Cowen's voicemails - as well as the Irish Open, Miriam Meets and the Meaning of Bono.

    Meaning of Bono

    Gaybo talks brass tax with U2 frontman.

    Irish Open

    Rory McIlroy struggles with national identity in conversation with Greg Allen.

    Rage of the Public

    Dobbo presents a special Six One searching for expressions of public anger over Anglo.

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