Callan's Kicks

Callan's Kicks


Friday 17th March

Marty's Hurling Party in Dalkey

Cuala's hurling homecoming in the poshest GAA club in Ireland

Kitty and Leo in Paris

Kitty Corridor gets wind that Simon Coveney might be ahead of Leo in the leadership race

Callan's Kicks St. Patrick's Day Special 2017

Enda meets Trump as he ponders his future, St Patrick's parades and a hurling homecoming to Dalkey.

Cork Paddy's Day Parade

Plastic Sheeting reports on the Patrick's Day parade in the real capital

Dublin Paddy's Day Parade

Des and Blathnaid report on the annual Paddyfest in the capital

Enda meets Trump

A few awkward moments at the shamrock ceremony in the White House.

Friday 10th March

Callan's Kicks March 11th 2017

Ministers are off for St Patrick's fortnight, trouble at the post office and Simon Harris' voicemails...

Church Scandals Sermon

The Church responds to calls for punishment and redress in a Saturday homily

Enda packs for Washington

Ringer chats to a subdued Enda as he prepares to meet Trump

St Patrick's Day Cabinet Exodus

The Ministers are excited to get out of the country after a storm of scandals

Friday 3rd March

Callan's Kicks March 4th 2017

The week Cowen fought Coveney, Trump went Russian and Leo goes country...

Stephen Donnelly FF Makeover

Willie O'Dea gives their new TD a Pretty Woman-style catransformation

Trump the Russian?

The President denies links to Russia, but isn't always convincing

Enda honours Travellers

The Taoiseach tackles a tough issue in his customary style

Leo canvasses the culchies

The FG favourite tries to canvass rural TDs

Saturday 25th February

Callan's Kicks February 25th 2017

The week Enda Kenny survived again plus pint baby, rugby, Marian and Storm Doris.

Kitty Corridor helps Shane Ross

Lord Ross frets about bus strikes but the wily Kitty comes to the rescue

Enda's Voicemails

Enda's message minder is busy as the Paddy's Day junkets are doled out

Marian does Beyoncé lyrics

The broadcaster lightens the mood

Taoiseach Enda survives

The plotters wilt as the Simon/Leo heave peters out...

Saturday 18th February

FG Parliamentary Meeting

It's a stormy meeting for Enda as the knives begin to sharpen

Taoiseach Enda packs his bags

Ringer feels a political funeral is in the air

Leo's Voicemails

Anxious voices leave messages for Leo

Donald Trump's Presser

Behind the scenes as the President prepares to face the media

Callan's Kicks February 18th 2017

Taoiseach Enda packs his bags, Trump prepares a presser and who's leaving messages for Leo Varadkar?

Friday 16th December

Callan's Kicks December 16th 2016

Trump gives his Xmas message, Enda clocks out, Pat Hickey comes home and Paschal Claus checks his list...

Marian chats to Simon and Leo

The current Health Minister and the former are on Marian Finucane

Trump's Christmas Message

The Bigly President Elect has some seasonal rants to share

Pat Hickey Comes Home

The former Olympics boss finds a lot has changed since he was last in Ireland

Friday 9th December

Callan's Kicks December 9th 2016

A good week for Enda, a bad week for Gerry while FF have their Christmas party.

GAA Littlewoods Sponsorship

The GAA grassroots struggle to come to terms with another sponsorship deal

Shane Ross in Bus Aras

The Transport Minister investigates Bus Eireann's woes for himself

Gerry's Bad Week

Sinn Fein have a party meeting overshadowed by another controversy

Friday 2nd December

Bertie is Back

A Fianna Fáil meeting is interrupted by murmurs from a cupboard...

Marian with Michael O'Leary

The Ryanair chief takes on the radio queen of chat... and wine.

Enda meets Tim Cook

The Taoiseach is in fawning mood on his visit to Silicon Valley

Callan's Kicks December 2nd 2016

Bertie is back, Enda is in America plus Michael O'Leary and Michael Harding.

Friday 25th November

Michael Harding

The Talking to Strangers author is staring at lakes again.

Central Bank Mortgage Rules

Boris Johnson

The British Foreign Secretary faces questions from the press

Cabinet Row

The tension between Enda and Shane Ross boils over

Callan's Kicks November 25th 2016

Cabinet rows, mortgage rules, Michael Harding and Boris Johnson.

Friday 18th November

Callan's Kicks November 18th 2016

On this week's Callan's Kicks talk of strikes, books, Liam Neeson and part-time Trump.

Marian Trump

President Elect talks to Marian from his Trump Tower in NYC

Irish Book Awards

Tubridy reports from the Gosh I'm Bored Irish Book Awards 2016

Liam Neeson Rugby 2023

The official Irish bid to host the Rugby World Cup

Cabinet Meeting

Enda's Cabinet discusses public pay

Friday 11th November

LiveLine Katie Hopkins

Callers to Joe are livid the pundit is appearing on Late Late Show

Trump meets Obama

An awkward meeting between the incoming and outgoing Presidents

Melania and Trump

Mr President-elect Trump and his First Lady Melania talk White House plans

Trump calls Enda

The President-elect phones 'Eda Kelly' and invites him to White House

Callan's Kicks November 11th 2016

US Presidential Election Special Episode

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