The Book On One

The Book On One

Monday to Friday, 11.20pm

4th to 8th March

The Book on One is a celebration of writing from all over the world, with five 15-minute excerpts from a single book broadcast each week.

The Book on One – Tue 7 Nov to Fri 15 Dec 2017.

‘Reading Turgenev’ by William Trevor, read by Conor Farrington.

This month and next, to mark the first anniversary of the death of William Trevor, a chance to hear an archive recording of his novel ‘Reading Turgenev’, read by Conor Farrington, first broadcast in 1992.  

In 1950s Ireland, a young woman enters into a marriage of convenience with an older man, and subsequently falls in love with her invalid cousin, with whom she spends secret afternoons reading Russian novels.

A season of the shortlist for the 2017 RTÉ Radio 1 Short Story Competition in Memory of Francis Mac Manus: 

Book on One Monday 2 - Friday 6 Oct

Monday 2 October: The Flare Carves Itself Through The Dark by Colin Walsh and read by Gary Murphy

Tuesday 3 October: Stones That Might Be Diamonds by Barbara Leahy and read by Kathy Rose O’Brien

Wednesday 4 October: Flashing Lights by Felipe Deakin read by read by Kathy Rose O’Brien

Thursday 5 October: Apparition Hill by Alan Weadick and read by Ger Ryan

Friday 6 October: Cactus Blossom by Lorcan Byrne and read by Ingrid Craigie

Book on One Monday 9 - Friday 13 Oct

Monday 9 October: That August by Bríd Connolly and read by Ger Ryan

Tuesday 10 October: Because We Are Not Butterflies by Bernadette Cotter and read by Ingrid Craigie

Wednesday 11 October: Uncontactable by Paddy Doherty and read by Cathy Belton

Thursday 12 October: Tattoo by Doreen Duffy and read by Megan Riordan

Friday 13 October: At Piazza Navona by Fiona Gartland and read by Kathy Rose O’Brien

Book on One Monday 16 - Friday 20 Oct

Monday 16 October: A Bird Called Bono by Anne McDonald and read by Denis Conway

Tuesday 17 October: The Red Coat WithThe Black Astrakhan Collar by Margaret Lynch and read by Cathy Belton

Wednesday 18 October: Fragments by Shane O’Neill and read by Andrew Bennett

Thursday 19 October: Ash by Mairi McCurdy read by Ali White

Friday 20 October: Coming Down Hard by Thomas Kiernan and read by Emmet Kirwan

Book on One Monday 23 - Friday 27 Oct

Monday 23 October: Cut The Grape by Mark McGlynn and read by Peter Hanly

Tuesday 24 October: Visitors, by Helen McGoldrick and read by Fionnuala Murphy

Wednesday 25 October: Remnants, by Eamon McGuinness and read by Denis Conway

Thursday 26 October: Dream, by Paddy Murray and read by Peter Hanly

Friday 27 October: Time For You And Time For Me by Celine Naughton and read by Ali White

Book on One Monday 30 - Friday 3 November 2017

Monday 30 October: Waiting for the 8:07 East by Paul James O’Donnell and read by Andrew Bennett

Tuesday 31 October November: The Half-Light by Angela Lyons and read by Emmet Kirwan

Wednesday 1 November New Beginning, by Arthur Sheridan and read by Janet Moran

Thursday 2 November: Danny, by Joseph Sweeney and read by Gary Murphy

Friday 3 November: The Swimmer by Dolores Walshe and read by Peter Hanly

Book on One Monday  - Friday  November 2017

Monday 6 November: Red or Black by Kevin Beakey read by Janet Moran


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'The Sisters Brothers' by Patrick deWitt, read by the author

Patrick deWitt’s offbeat Western follows Charlie and Eli Sisters, two professional hitmen making their way to California during the Gold Rush in 1851.

DeWitt’s award-winning novel is a darkly comic tale, told from the point of view of the younger brother, Eli, who has become disillusioned with his life.

'The Sisters Brothers' by Patrick deWitt is published by Granta.


Also available for playback:

11 to 15 February: Karen Ardiff reads 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen.

18 to 22 February: Fiona Shaw reads ‘A World of Love’ by Elizabeth Bowen.

25 February to 1 March: Megan Riordan reads ‘The Best of Everything’ by Rona Jaffe


3 to 28 September 2012: 'Hard Times' by Charles Dickens, read by Conor Farrington.
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