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    Arts Tonight Monday 16 June 2014


    Arts Tonight

    On this week’s programme: art, music and aftermath: the Art of Peace project in Co Louth, the work of American composer Alvin Lucier and a House Full of Music at Dundalk Gaol.


    Last week we looked at the Art of the Troubles exhibition in Belfast, and tonight we look at another initative which seeks to employ various art forms to explore issues of conflict, reconciliation and peace building in Co Louth.


    With Eamonn Quinn of the Louth Contemporary Music Society

    Film maker and co ordinator of the Aftermath project Lawrence McKeown

    Photographer Anthony Haughey,

    And participants in the Peace of Art project in Dundalk.


    Also, we talk to composer Alvin Lucier about his music in advance of his visit to Dundalk.


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