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    Arts Tonight Monday 11 March 2013


    Arts Tonight 11 March 2013: Stewart Parker

    Tonight at 10pm, a programme remembering the playful, serious, multi-talented Belfast playwright Stewart Parker, who died at only 47, 25 years ago this year. Vincent Woods is joined by Marilynn Richtarik, author of the recently published Stewart Parker: A Life (Oxford University Press); poet Gerald Dawe, co-editor of two collections of Parker's critical and cultural writing including, with Maria Johnston, High Pop, a collection of Stewart Parker's music columns for the Irish Times; Lynne Parker, artistic director of Rough Magic, and the playwright's niece; John Farleigh, Parker's friend, and director of the Stewart Parker Trust; and recipients of the Trust's playwriting awards, Nancy Harris and Paul Mercier. With extracts from Parker's plays read by actors Owen Roe, currently playing King Lear at the Abbey Theatre, and Eleanor Methven.

    Produced by Sarah Binchy

    Photo of Stewart Parker courtesy of Lynne Parker


    Arts Tonight podcast 11 March 2013: Stewart Parker

    Playwright Stewart Parker remembered by Marilynn Richtarik, Lynne Parker, Gerald Dawe, John Fairleigh and more

    Coming up on 18 March 2013

    On the St Patrick's Weekend bank holiday Monday, we broadcast an interview with actress Marie Mullen, recorded with a student audience at NUI Galway, her old alma mater, where the seeds of Druid theatre company were sown, and where she disovered her calling as a performer.

    Pictured are Vincent Woods and Marie Mullen. Our thanks to the NUI Galway Arts in Action programme which hosted the event.

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