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    on Friday's show....a new case brings a depressed and disgraced Sherlock Holmes out of hiding in "Art In The Blood" by Bonnie MacBird, artist Rita Duffy recreates a shop owned by Proclamation signatoryTom Clarke in an examination of how ordinary objects can become ‘souvenirs’ after a significant event like 1916, plus reviews of the latest albums from Beyoncé, Brian Eno and Travis

    on Bank Holiday Monday.....a special to mark International Labour Day, celebrating the art, music, theatre and books created on the theme of work and labour in the company of arts journalist Sinead Gleeson, poet Dave Lordan, singer Barry Gleeson and author Lisa McInerney

    Arena Monday 11 August 2014


    Kilkenny Arts Festival

    Shakespeare’s comedy ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ tells a tale of crossed wires, love denied, infidelity, deception and gossip in a small Sicilian port town. A production of the play by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Company is currently running as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival. Sophie Gorman has been to see it.


    The Colleen Bawn Trials

    In the autumn of 1819, the remains of Ellen Hanley were found at Kilrush. The victim, now known to story, drama and opera as the Colleen Bawn, was not quite sixteen years of age and only recently married. Her husband subsequently went on trial for her murder.

    A new play presents a contemporary exploration of this quintessential Limerick story.

    ‘The Colleen Bawn Trials – the true story of Ellen Hanley’ is directed by Joan Sheehy, who talks to Sean from the Limerick studio.

    Music Played on the Show

    • Title: Figure It Out
      Composer: Kerr/Thatcher
      Performer(s): Royal Blood
      Performer(s): Royal Blood
      Album: Royal Blood, Black Mammoth/Warner Record, 825646278589
      Duration: 3:18
    • Title: Allistrum's March
      Composer: Trad
      Performer(s): The Gloaming
      Performer(s): The Gloaming
      Album: The Gloaming, REAL WORLD, CDRW200
      Duration: 1:41

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