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    Arena Wednesday 16 April 2014


    Arts News

    with Alan Corr - Omar Shariff will be a guest of honour at the Dublin Arabic Film Festival, the Huffington Post listsTemple Bar amongst the World’s 10 Most Disappointing Locations, there will be no foreign-language translations of the Morrisey autobiography ‘True To You’


    Sebastian Barry

    an interview with author Sebastian Barry about his latest novel "The Temporary Gentleman" (published by Faber & Faber) and the film version of "The Secret Scripture" that is in the works   


    Television preview

    Roe McDermott looks forward to the new television series "Fargo", inspired by the Coen Brothers film from 1996  


    James Joyce, music & creativity

    an interview with Padraig Trehy, director of “Shem The Penman Sings Again”, an experimental film exploring James Joyce’s love of singing and how he was inspired to write 'Finnegan's Wake' by his connection to tenor John McCormack

    More information on this project at 


    Film-maker Joshua Oppenheimer

    the film-maker Joshua Oppenheimer talks about his controversial documentary "The Act Of Killing" which challenges former Indonesian death-squad leaders to re-enact their mass-killings

    showing at the Lighthouse Cinema as part of the Darklight Festival -

    Presenter: Seán Rocks

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    Music Played on the Show

    • 19:11
      Title: Ykk
      Composer: Duignan/O Breachain
      Performer(s): We Cut Corners
      Performer(s): We Cut Corners
      Album: YKK - Single
      Duration: 2:34
    • Title: Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
      Composer: Thomas Moore Lyrics, Air Trad
      Performer(s): Leo Hanna
      Performer(s): Leo Hanna
      Album: The Songs of Thomas Moore and Percy French
      Duration: 3:42
    • Title: Star Of The County Down
      Composer: Trad
      Performer(s): Leo Hanna
      Performer(s): Leo Hanna
      Album: info n/a
      Duration: 1:51

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