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Arena Monday 10 March 2014

coming up on Friday's show.....Grammy winner and long-time Leonard Cohen collaborator, Sharon Robinson, "To Hell In A Handbag", a little-known background story to Wilde's comedy classic The Importance of Being Earnest and the latest albums from Britney Spears, De La Soul and Frank Ocean



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' Conservatory' At The Abbey

Michael West's play Conservatory at the Abbey opens with an old couple sitting together in a darkened house. He drinks. She knits and does the crossword. They've been married for more than forty years, and Michael joined Seán in studio to tell us more about this couple. Conservatory opens at the Abbey on Wednesday and runs to the 12th April.

'All That Is Solid Melts' by Darragh McKeon

Darragh McKeon's debut novel 'All That Is Solid Melts Into Air' looks at the subject of the dying days of the Soviet Union in the months following the Chernobyl disaster who also has a special realtionship with Chernobyl. 'All That Is Solid Melts' by Darragh McKeon is published by Viking Penguin.

Author Darragh Mc Keon pictured above.

John Scofield and Vince Mendoza

John Scofield and Vince Mendoza collaborated on the Grammy-award winning album '54' with the Metropole Orkest. Combining Mendoza's stunning arrangements and some of Scofield's best playing in years, 54 is a milestone in both artists' discographies. They're playing in the National Concert Hall this Wednesday and both Scofield and Mendoza spoke to Seán.

'Pontypool' reviewed by Yvonne Nolan

The 2009 film 'Pontypool' adapted from the Canadian Novel 'Pontypool Changes everything' is a horror movie for people who like linguistics. Yvonne Nolan has selected it as her Classic Movie tonight and joins Seán in Studio.

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