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    The comedy of Alison Spittle

    Alison Spittle explains the events in her life that inspire her comedy, her latest one-woman comedy show is “Alison Spittle Discovers Hawaii”

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    "Overshadowed" by Eva O'Connor

    Actress/playwright Eva O’Connor talks about her play “Overshadowed” by Sunday's Child Theatre Company about how an eating disorder takes control of a young woman’s mind; it is part of the First Fortnight Festival 2016

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    Theatre: "Big Bobby, Little Bobby" at First Fortnight Festival 2016

    Theatre director Kelly Shatter and actress Camille Lucy Ross who co-wrote the one-woman play “Big Bobby Little Bobby” about a woman with dissociative (multiple) personality disorder; it is running in the First Fortnight Festival 2016

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    "Dublin Oldschool" by Emmet Kirwan

    Emmet Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson explain their play “Dublin Oldschool”, a trip through the streets of Dublin by a spaced-out wannabe DJ when he meets his homeless drug-addicted brother

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    Musical version of "The Playboy Of The Western World"

    A new musical version of “The Playboy Of The Western World” specially written for RTÉ Radio is explained by actress Aoibhinn McGinnity and Musical Director Justin McCarthy

    Programme will be broadcast Sunday 20th December at 8pm on RTÉ Radio 1


    Comedy at Christmas

    Abie Philbin Bowman with a round-up of the comedy shows in Ireland over the Christmas season – Jimmy Carr, Oliver Callan, Josh Widdecombe, Jason Byrne, Foil Arms & Hogg, Karl Spain, Michael Mee, Damo Clark, David O'Doherty


    "Asa, A Christmas Story" by Brian Byrne and Kasey Jones

    Brian Byrne chats about his musical play “Asa, A Christmas Story” co-written with writer Kasey Jones and featuring a lonely seven year old boy who gets only a pencil for Christmas which he uses to draw himself into fantastical situations

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    New opera "The Dead"

    Composer Ellen Cranitch with director Jo Mangan chat about their operatic interpretation of the James Joyce short story “The Dead”

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