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    'Hero Hour' and poetry

    During the LINGO spoken word festival last October, 'Hero Hour' invited six well-known Irish personalities to discuss their favourite poem and explain what it means to them

    Senator David Norris - "Fern Hill" by Dylan Thomas 

    singer Mary Couglan - "An Old Woman Of The Roads" by Padraic Colum 

    2fm DJ Rick O'Shea - "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley 

    newsreader Aengus MacGrianna - "The Bed of Deal" (author unknown) 

    arts journalist/broadcaster Sinead Gleeson - "Daddy" by Sylvia Plath 

    rapper Temper-Mental MissElayneous - "The Flea" by John Donne 

    author Donal Ryan - "Cyrano de Bergerac" by Martin Dyer  

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    "Whose Hamlet Is It Anyway?", a panel discussion

    During the 2014 Dublin Theatre Festival, an Arena panel discuss Hamlet -the historical and personal context of the play and whether it has any relevance for contemporary audiences.  The panel were actor Marty Rea, associated professor at Trinity College's School of English Amanda Piesse, literary manager with Fishamble Theatre Gavin Kostick and Irish Times theatre critic Peter Crawley    


    Christmas Loves

    A range of guests talk about something they love about Christmas-time and what it means to them


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    Nighthawks Arts Collective

    Nighthawks Arts Collective live in studio for a Christmas celebration from musicians, comedians, poets and writers including Minnie & The Illywhackers, Alison Spittle, Fiach Moriarty, Carol Keogh & The City Fathers, Aidan O'Reilly, Ken O'Duffy (aka 'The Citizen'), John Cummins, Pierce McLoughlin & Enda Reilly and Helen Hutchinson

    Check out the Nighthawks at the Cobalt Café page on Facebook


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    First Fortnight

    Musician Kevin Nolan chats about his First Fortnight 'Hootenanny' taking place at St Patrick's Hospital on the 3rd of January 2015

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    110th anniversary of the Abbey Theatre

    As it prepares to celebrate its 110th anniversary, director and CEO of the Abbey Theatre Fiach Mac Conghail, literary director Aideen Howard and actor Pat Laffan look back on the history of this vital Irish cultural institution


    Jackie Nickerson, photographer

    Jackie Nickerson explains what inspires her to travel to remote countries to take pictures of local communities, like her recent pictures featured in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award to those fighting Ebola

    (pic: Dr Jerry Brown, medical director and surgeon, Monrovia, Liberia) 

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    The Moth

    Neil Horgan tells his story on the theme of ‘busted’ from one of the recent The Moth storytelling nights in Dublin

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    Author Lia Mills explains why she loves the Yeats collection at the National Gallery of Ireland

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