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Thursday 23rd November

"A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift

Brendan Twomey of Trinity College is a Jonathan Swift scholar and he looks at "A Modest Proposal", one of Swift's most famous works written almost 300 years ago Jonathan Swift ...

Monday 6th November

Susan McKay lecture at the Allingham Arts Festival

Susan McKay (who was scheduled to interview Michael Colgan at the Allingham Arts Festival this week but he has now withdrawn) will be speaking on the topic of the female experience of ...

Monday 18th September

A public interview with Frank McGuinness

A live public interview with playwright Frank McGuinness, to mark the publication of his latest novel "The Woodcutter and His Family" (published by O'Brien Press) 

Friday 15th September

Anticipating the 60th Dublin Theatre Festival 2017

A live broadcast from the Civic Theatre Tallaght ahead of the upcoming 60th Dublin Theatre Festival, with guests including Louise Lowe, Lynne Parker, Michael Barker Caven, Martin Sharry and Little John ...

Wednesday 13th September

3 books on.....the land

Peter Murphy selects his 3 favourite books on themes of the land/farming - "The Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, "The Black Snow" by Paul Lynch and "Burial Rites" by ...

Monday 11th September

20 years of street art by Banksy

Cristín Leach looks back at the 20-year career of street artist Banksy

Tuesday 5th September

The Aran jumper, an iconic fashion item

Michelle Millar Fisher, one of the curators of the MoMA New York exhibition "Items: Is Fashion Modern?" in which the Aran jumper is included as one of the most iconic fashion items ...

Wednesday 30th August

3 books on....fascism

Daragh Downes with his pick of three novels on the theme of fascism – "It Can’t Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis, "Between The Acts" by Virginia Woolf and "Lord of ...

Wednesday 23rd August

The enduring popularity of Agatha Christie

John Curran discusses why the murder mysteries of Agatha Christie are as popular now as when they were first created

Laura Albert/JT LeRoy at the IFI

Laura Albert, who caused a sensation when she was revealed as the true identity of the literary persona JT LeRoy Details of screening at IFI:   http://ifi.ie/author-the-jt-leroy-story-qa/



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