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    Actor interview

    Jared Harris talks about his latest role in the horror film "The Quiet Ones"


    Film Director interview

    Swedish film director Lukas Moodysson talks about his latest film "We Are The Best" about 3 girls determined to start a punk band in the 1980's even though everybody tells them punk is dead       


    Movie Reviews

    Brian Lloyd and Edel Coffey are in studio to review three of the latest releases: Nymphomaniac Vol 1 & 2; The Book Thief; and Non-Stop.


    Classic Movie: Gorgo

    Gorgo is a 1961 monster movie set off the coast of Ireland.  

    It features buried treasure, Volcanic eruptions, angry Mammy monsters, and suspicious locals who insist on speaking in this strange tongue they call Gaelic...

    Gorgo opens with divers diving for treasure from a salvage vessel off the coast of Ireland. A vessel captained by a character called 'Joe Ryan' – played by the English actor Bill Travers, later famous as one of the leads in Born Free, and his first mate 'Sam' (American actor William Sylvester, probably best known for playing Dr. Heywood Floyd in 2001: A Space Odyssey).

    They're diving near the fictional 'Nara' Island ('Nara' being Aran spelled backwards) when they witness these deep-sea, volcanic eruptions, which damage their vessel and forces them to dock on Nara Island (where they encounter suspicious, Irish-speaking, locals and an even more suspicious harbour master, called McCartin – who's afraid they might be after the viking ship full of loot he's discovered offshore).

    So, that night, while a group of locals are out in currachs on a shark hunt, this Godzilla-like creature, Gorgo (brought to the surface from its deep-sea world by the volcanic eruptions) emerges from the waters and starts stomping off towards Nara island. Joe and Sam later manage to capture it and 2 palaeontologists arrive from Dublin and tell them to bring the creature back to Dublin for detailed study. But they ignore this order and set sail for London, where Gorgo is to go on public display in a circus in Battersea Park (with Joe and Sam handsomely rewarded for their troubles).

    Gorgo is the classic movie choice of John Byrne....


    Film Reviews

    Simon Maher and Yvonne Nolan review The Dallas Buyers Club; The Invisible Woman and the new Robocop movie

    Dallas Buyers’ Club, stars Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto as two men fighting to get treatment for AIDS and is based on the true life of Ron Woodroof.

    Our second film up for review tonight is The Invisible Woman. Starring Ralph Fiennes as Charles Dickens and Felicity Jones as a young actress called Nelly Ternan.

    The Robocop movie is a remake of the original movie



    Matthew McConaghey

    Matthew McConaughey has just won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Ron Woodroof, in the film ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. Set in the 1980s, it tells the story of a Texan diagnosed with AIDS who decides to source his own medication in Mexico to help fight the disease.    

    RTE Ten’s Alan Corr recently met up with Matthew Mc Conaughey and asked him how he decided to portray the life and character of Ron Woodroof....

    The track is My Morning Jacket with ‘Ready to be Called On’ from the soundtrack to the movie.....


    The Invisible Woman

    “The Invisible Woman,” adapted from Claire Tomalin’s 1990 biography, is the true story of Dickens’s longtime clandestine affair with Nelly Ternan, who was 27 years his junior. They met in 1857 when Nelly, 18, was appearing in the Collins play “The Frozen Deep,” whose production Dickens oversaw. Dickens at the time was 45.

    “The Invisible Woman,”  was directed by and stars Ralph Fiennes who talks to Sean from a London studio.


    Frankenstein in Film

    Abie Philbin Bowman on Frankenstein in film ahead of the release of 'I Frankenstein'.


    Jon Savage

    'Teenage' is a new documentary directed by Matt Wolf. Co-Writer Jon Savage joins Seán Rocks. The film is currently showing at Dublin's IFI -


    Film Reviews

    Eithne Shortall and Eoin Glackin review this week's new film releases Inside Llewyn Davis, August: Osage County and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with Seán Rocks.

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