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    "This Is The Ritual" by Rob Doyle

    Rob Doyle talks about the characters in his latest collection of short stories “This Is The Ritual” (published by Bloomsbury)


    "Try Not To Breathe" by Holly Seddon

    Holly Seddon, author of “Try Not To Breathe”, her debut novel about an alcoholic journalist trying to solve a 15-year old crime (published by Corvus Books)


    Review: "My Name Is Lucy Barton" by Elizabeth Strout

    Sinead Gleeson reviews “My Name Is Lucy Barton” by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Elizabeth Strout, set in the 1980's about a woman who seems to have a difficult relationship with her mother and over the course of the novel we discover why (published by Random House)


    Review: "Rain Dogs" by Adrian McKinty

    Anthony Thuillier reviews “Rain Dogs” by Adrian McKinty, the latest in the series featuring detective Sean Duffy investigating the death of a young woman found in a locked Norman castle on the shores of Belfast Lough (published by Serpents Tail)


    "Walt Disney and the Little People" by Carol Taaffe

    Carol Taaffe who has written an essay in the current edition (number 61) of the Dublin Review entitled “Walt Disney and the Little People”, about the connection between Walt Disney and the Irish leprechaun

    Official website:


    "Gull" by Glenn Patterson

    Glenn Patterson explains how the story of John DeLorean’s car factory in Belfast inspired his latest novel “Gull” (published by Head of Zeus)

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