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    Review: "The Blue Guitar" by John Banville

    Sinead Gleeson reviews “The Blue Guitar” by John Banville, the story of an artist named Oliver who stops making art and instead attempts to be a writer (published by Viking)


    "Injection" graphic novels by Declan Shalvey

    Declan Shalvey, artist/illustrator chats about the first instalment in his planned series of graphic novels “Injection” (published by Image Comics)

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    “About Sisterland” by Martina Devlin

    Martina Devlin, author of “About Sisterland”, set in a future world ruled by women but where women and men are kept separate. Women lead highly controlled lives while men are subordinate – used for labour and breeding (published by Ward River Press)


    Review: "Did You Ever Have A Family" by Bill Clegg

    Declan Burke reviews “Did You Ever Have A Family”, the debut novel by American author Bill Clegg which follows the inhabitants of a small town in Connecticut in the aftermath of a devastating fire (published by Jonathan Cape)



    "A Lonely Note" by Kevin Stevens

    Irish-American author Kevin Stevens explains the story behind his new novel “A Lonely Note”, the story of a teenage Muslim boy in an American high school who, in his struggle against racist torment, finds comfort through his love of music (published by Little Island)


    Review: The Angelus Trilogy by Jon Steele

    Declan Burke reviews The Angelus Trilogy by Jon Steele, the three crime novels featuring celestial detective Jay Harper; it includes The Watchers, Angel City and the latest novel The Way Of Sorrows (series published by Blue Rider and Bantam Press)


    Review: "Purity" by Jonathan Franzen

    Dave Lordan reviews “Purity”, the new novel by Jonathan Franzen which addresses themes of sexual infidelity and family relations as well as the impact of fame and the internet on modern life (published by Fourth Estate)

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