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    "Aeneid Book VI", by Seamus Heaney

    Matthew Hollis, Seamus Heaney’s editor at Faber; before his death Seamus Heaney had completed a translation of Book VI of Virgil's "Aeneid (Aeneas travels to the underworld to meet the spirit of his father); it has now been published by Faber

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    "Prosperity Drive" by Mary Morrissy

    Mary Morrissy talks about her latest collection of short stories “Prosperity Drive”, about the residents of one street in a middle-class Dublin suburb (published by Jonathan Cape)


    “In The Lion's Den: Daniel MacDonald, Ireland and Empire” by Niamh O'Sullivan

    Niamh O’Sullivan, author of “In The Lions Den: Daniel MacDonald, Ireland and Empire”, a study and re-appraisal of MacDonald as a painter of national importance who depicted images of the social and visual culture of Ireland in the years leading up to and including the Famine (published by Cork University Press)




    Review: "Mislaid" by Nell Zink

    Sinead Gleeson reviews “Mislaid” by Nell Zink (the follow-up to her critically-acclaimed debut “The Wallcreeper”); it’s the story of a woman who wants to be a writer, who questions her sexuality, marries unsuccessfully and decides to re-invent herself as a black woman (published by Fourth Estate)


    "The Years That Followed" by Catherine Dunne

    Catherine Dunne talks about her latest novel “The Years That Followed”, which follows the journeys of two women as they navigate life, motherhood, love, death, loss and rebirth. Their stories are separate, but intertwine in places along the telling without either women realising (published by Macmillan)


    “Lost Ireland: 1860–1960” by William Derham

    William Derham, guide and curator at Dublin Castle explains why he wanted to catalogue for posterity the Irish architectural gems which are now lost forever in the photo book “Lost Ireland: 1860–1960” (published by Hyde Park Editions)

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    "The Wing Orderly's Tales" by Carlo Gebler

    Carlo Gebler talks about his latest novel “The Wing Orderly’s Tales”, a collection of stories about the inmates of the fictional Loanend Prison outside Belfast as told by wing orderly Harold ‘Chalky’ Chalkman (published by New Island)


    "Waking Lions" by Ayelet Gundar Goshen

    Ayelet Gundar Goshen talks about her latest novel “Waking Lions”, about a middle-class doctor who flees a hit-and-run in the desert of Israel but the wife of the victim (a refugee from Eritrea) turns up on his doorstep the next day and changes his life forever (published by Pushkin Press)

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