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    "Anyush" by Martine Madden

    Martine Madden talks about her novel “Anyush”, a love story set against the backrop of the 1915 Turkish genocide in Armenia (published by Brandon)


    Celebrating the Dublin Book Festival

    Live from Smock Alley Theatre in conjunction with the Dublin Book Festival. Readings and conversation with authors Rob Doyle and Daniel Seery, poet Dimitra Xidous, author and illustrator Annie West and music from Hannah McPhillimy and Hilary Woods

    (for copyright reasons this programme is not available to download as a podcast)

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    "Academy Street" by Mary Costello

    Mary Costello talks about her new novel “Academy Street”, the story of a girl called Tess who grows up in a big old house and moves to America later in life (published by Text Publishing)


    "Perfidia" by James Ellroy

    Crime writer James Ellroy talks about his latest novel "Perfidia", the first novel in the second wave of his LA Quartet of novels and set in 1941 (published by William Heinemann)


    "Dead Funny"

    Johnny Mains and Danielle Ward talk about "Dead Funny", a collection of short horror stories written by UK comedians (published by Salt Publishing) 


    Best in crime fiction

    Declan Burke with a round-up of the latest crime fiction –

    “The Kill” by Jane Casey (published by Ebury Press)

    “The Drop” by Denis Lehane (published by Abacus)

    “Confessions” by Kanae Minato (published by Mulholland Books)

    “The Dead Pass” by Colin Bateman (published by Headline)

    “The Monogram Murders” by Sophie Hannah (published by Harper Collins)


    "Some Luck" by Jane Smiley

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley talks about her new novel “Some Luck” (published by Mantle)


    Graphic novels by Jacques Tardi

    John Byrne on two World War I graphic novels by Jacques Tardi - "It Was The War Of The Trenches" and  “Goddam This War” which have both been re-issued in this centenary year (published by Fantagraphics)

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