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    "City of Dis" by David Butler

    Author David Butler talks about his latest novel “City of Dis”, three inter-connecting stories influenced by the story of the 9 Circles of Hell in Dante’s “Inferno”  (published by New Island)


    Martina Evans, poet

    Poet and novelist Martina Evans talks about her writing career and her latest poetry collection “Burnfort, Las Vegas” (published by Anvil Press)


    "Joseph" by John MacKenna

    John MacKenna explains why he re-imagined the character of Joseph of Nazareth in his new novel “Joseph” (published by New Island Books)


    Celebrating Eileen Gray

    Mary McGuckian, director of the documentary film “The Price of Desire” and Jennifer Goff, curator of the National Museum of Ireland’s Eileen Gray exhibition and author of “Eileen Gray: Her Work and Her World”  (published by Irish Academic Press)


    Best crime fiction of 2014

    Declan Burke with his selection of the best crime fiction of 2014 – 

    “Blue Is The Night” by Eoin McNamee,  “Unravelling Oliver” by Liz Nugent,  “The Black Eyed Blonde” by Benjamin Black,  “The Wolf In Winter” by John Connolly,  “The Boy That Never Was” by Karen Perry, “The Missing File” by DA Mishani,  “Irene” by Pierre Lamaitre, “The Silkworm” by Robert Galbraith,  “The Monogram Murders” by Sophie Hannah,  “The Burning Room” by Michael Connelly

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